Monday, 1 February 2016

Jfash Wardrobe Post 2016

This post is a selection mainly of Japanese brand clothes I own for the lolita, otome, and natural-kei! I have more vintage and princess highway dresses but I won't bother with them as they're more casual. I haven't photographed all of my accessories or any of my blouses as I own so many! These are just my favourites.
As you'll see, I like old school lolita and pastry themed clothes. I sold a lot of things this year but I'm pretty happy with my wardrobe now (and with what I have in the mail, I'll post those as I get them. I also might post how I organise my things some time!). I buy most of my clothes second hand or on sale.
Maria Antonio JSK, 2008
Pictured with innocent world blouse
Velveteen Doll OP, 2010

Floral OP + Apron Set
Early 2000s?
Dessert OP, 2014
Pictured with handmade accessories 

Teddy Appliqué JSK, 2006
Pictured with meta blouse
Marine Border High Waist JSK, 2008

Victorian Maiden
Sailor Doll OP, 2015
The waist ribbon is... somewhere
Innocent World
Natalie OP, 2011
My mum's favourite

Dangerfield, offbrand, BTSSB
Amavel, BTSSB

Emily Temple Cute
Biscuit Spoons OP, first release
Emily Temple Cute
Candy & Biscuits OP, 2013

Leur Getter
Picnic Print OP, 2015
Bread Dress

Pastry Print Trapeze Dress, 2015
Emily Temple Cute
Ruffle Dot JSK

Pink House
Pink House

Some dress Mai bought from a thrift store in Japan. Pretty cute, right?
PeppermintFox, Mulberry Chronicles, Jane Marple
Q-Pot, ETC, Lief, Offbrand
Vintage and gift

Pink House, Jane Marple, Angelic Pretty
Handmade, AATP
Vintage and offbrand

Mess of socks, various brands
Those hat boxes are my accessory storage!
Offbrand, Pink House
Vintage, Angelic Pretty
I have some more beige mary janes but they're in storage
Pile of 1/2 of my blouses. Brands include axes femme,
amavel, innocent world, BTSSB, ETC, princess highway.
I wear them often.